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Questions and answers

What is needed for landing?
Time of departure and arrival?
If it doesn't show the flight you want?
Will there be a flight for sure?
Can you bring animals with you?
How do I return a purchased ticket if I bought it on your website?
I have a ticket for your flight, but I bought it on another site, how do I return it?
Is it possible to change the date or time of the trip?
What to do if the name and surname of the passenger are incorrectly indicated in the ticket?
I paid for the ticket, I received a payment receipt by e-mail, but there is no ticket?
What if my flight is canceled or the bus does not arrive?
Free boarding, how to choose a seat?
Can I deliver the package?
Give the number of the driver. I handed over the package, but the bus did not come, and the driver does not answer calls
Is it necessary to register on your site?